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[English} while, at the same time; “Abang nagi-oroingao’ magrorolampaso.” [While taking a break scrub the floor.“] [Boie’nen] kasabay o sa sabay a panaon o pangyayari; “Abang nasololo’ yo tindaan ni Tana nagi-rororagiri.”  [While Tana’s store was on fire it was drizzling.] Google Search Meaning noun 1. a period of time. “we chatted for a while“ Read More …


Code Embed: Cannot use CODEubl as a global code as it is being used to store 2 unique pieces of code in 2 posts – click here for more details Isra’ nga dati mare’gen maray sa Lawe’d nin Boie’. Nakakaange’s adi nin pare’s kaya’ naka-kaidos sa raga’ gamit a makisil nyading sake’b sa asang. Masiram pritose’n nin Read More …


(Eng) recovered rice particles or grits from the process of rice milling or hand pounding; Early Boie’nen boiled these rice particles in plenty of water then extract the sticky liquid using a muslin bag for use in starching garments. There are many other uses of bingle’d.  TINGRAWE’N: be’gas, pare’y, e’me’y, bidaw, topase’