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  1. Code Embed: Cannot use CODEubl as a global code as it is being used to store 2 unique pieces of code in 2 posts

    solsog nga kabalyo nin ostong pangaran nin e’sad a tao, gamit, or ibang ka-agid a bagay. 'usage' : Si OSOY natumba, nasigyapot kaya’ IYA nyo lobid sa saxe’g. Ana solsog nga IYA ag OSOY e’sad sana a gostong sabye’n didi.
  2. [English] 'pronoun' : he or she, genderless
  3. 'usage' : Nakita ko si Osoy sa Boie. Adto IYA nakaistar.
  4. 'translation' :  I saw Osoy in Buhi. HE lives there.
  5. 'usage' : Nakita ko si Ising kaga’bi. Sa madelé’m IYA.
  6. 'translation' : I saw Ising last night. SHE was in the dark.

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