ABOUT Buhi Online

D.E.S.K. Strategy

Develop and maintain Buhi Online @ www.buhi.com as the main Internet portal for Buhi-related materials, information, activities and link to the world-wide-web.


Buhi Online aims to contribute to the promotion and propagation of small-town values and traditions in the world wide web of the Internet; and to offer opportunities especially to Boie’nen and related individuals so they may readily share and access Buhi-related information and cyber-communication facilities.

Enlist the support and free services of Boienen and related persons for the continuing maintenance and operation of Buhi Online and demonstrate the potentials of bayanihan spirit or virtue of voluntary community involvement and service in the world of cyberspace.


Buhi Online envisions individuals and communities of Boie’nen who are empowered, self-governing and self-sustaining; and who have control over their lives and are equally able to share the benefits of the Internet for the fullest development of their human and community potentials.

Support persons, groups or movements that advocate the propagation, protection and preservation of Buhi’s common good and heritage; encourage environmental activism to bring to local, national and global attention Buhi’s environmental and other heritage protection, preservation and development priorities.

Keep promoting the virtues of community cohesiveness and solidarity and environmental protection and management; sustain networking activities to increase the capacity and opportunity of individuals and groups in influencing positive public opinion and policy.


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