Mga Gobaygobay Boie’nen (Buhi Generations)

Ancestors of Abraham & Paz

Severa Azcarraga was only more or less 4-month older than Catalina Ailes.  In the picture above and its larger version, Catalina is standing and Severa is sitted down.  The chair that Severa is sitting on is still extant – this was passed on to Catalina’s eldest daughter Paz Tayag. Both ladies in the picture above were obviously not just friends and eventually made closer by the union of their respective child in marriage – Abraham and Paz – who made up the fourth generation in the above family-tree chart.
The person of great interest in the above chart is Vicenta Panga!  She was both Catalina’s mother and Severa’s step-mother.  More citation particularly on the timeline of the marriages that Vicenta entered into is needed.


Ailes-Tayag Family, Jan 4, 1941

The last complete family portrait of the Tayag-Ailes family taken on January 4, 1941.   Both Feliciano Tayag and his eldest son Antonio met their end (Oct 29, 1943) in the hands of marauding bandits of robbers standing their ground in their rice farm in the then sitio IRAYA.  They did not give in to the extortionists demand..

Paz Tayag-Claveria with Maria Bella, circa 1956

Mrs Paz Tayag Claveria with her eldest daughter Maria taken in 1956.

Cousins: Vicenta Claveria Dondes & Paz Ailes Tayag

Carmen Claveria standing to the left with next to her the biggest boy in the group and her niece Paz Tayag.  Catalina Ailes Tayag (standing in the next photo below) was Paz’ mother and the half-sister of Carmen with Vicenta Panga.

Catalina Ailes & Severa Azcarraga circa 1930s

Severa Azcarraga and Catalina Ailes