Boie’nen Ostong Laoyay!

  • Raket Baxe’y

    Raket Baxe’y

    A solsog a BAXE’Y (house, i.e. any type of permanent dwelling structure) ag SE’XANG (jaw) amo adi a dowa sa pinaka lawe’ na tabil (word?!) nga Boie’nen para sa mga be-ke’ taal a taga Boie’.

  • Parasarap


      So much have been written and published about the Sinarapan (Mistichthys luzonensis).   Not much attention though have been given to the brawny Boie’nen fishermen of sinarapan – not world renowned for their world-unique skills nor their commendable character.   Nevertheless the unsung heroes behind sinarapan fame! World-class and unique all at once!

  • Boie’nen Ostong Lauyay!!! (BOL ay!)

    Boie’nen Ostong Lauyay!!! (BOL ay!)

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  • Soro-sulsog Boie’nen

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